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Wed, 20.11.2013
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Hearing Protection for tinnitus
Earplugs are individually adjusted to your background noise
TinniTool EarProtect (for tinnitus)
TinniTool EarProtect (for tinnitus)
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Zurich (ptp009/20.11.2013/07:15) - The hearing protection that we have developed is no ordinary earplug. EarProtect earplugs are individually adjusted to your background noise. The purpose is to soothe the buzzing in the ear or at least to ensure it does not get worse. It is however advisable to use EarProtect as a prophylactic.

User comfort: The small lamellas consist of an especially flexible and durable synthetic material that adapt to the form of the ear particularly well through the effect of body heat. The earplugs and the filter are air-permeable. The filter ensures a continuous supply of air to the ear. The ear canal therefore perspires less, there is no build up of pressure in the ear and the drone of your own voice is no longer evident.

Lamellas with a perfect fit: The standard ear plug has two lamellas as a rule. There is an additional earplug with three lamellas available for people with especially small, large or long ears. There is a trick that allows it to be tailored to a perfect fit.

Unobtrusive and inconspicuous: The EarProtect earplug is a natural matt colour. Depending on the shape of the ear and surrounding area they are hardly noticeable. This is the best choice for not attracting attention.

Long lasting hearing enjoyment: The EarProtect earplugs have been developed for multiple use and can last for years - depending on the frequency of use and how well you take care of them.

The innovation: EarProtect has filters that can be individually adjusted to the background noise of each user. Imagine you have tinnitus and go to a concert. Without hearing protection there would be disastrous consequences. Dutifully you take one of the sponge hearing plugs offered free of charge event organisers. A wise decision for your ears but unfortunately hopeless for the sound quality of the concert. The sponge plugs radically reduce the high notes, the low tones now dominate your entire hearing. Simply put, the concert sounds totally muffled. Earplugs would be good in this case that reduce all frequencies in a linear manner so that all the instruments are reduced in the same proportion. A concert would then really be an experience.

Still better would be earplugs that you could assemble that filtered all the noises that you wnat to be protected from. For example you often go to concerts, work at a machine or like to ride a motorbike. Or you often travel by plane, are in a rifleman's association or get annoyed because your partner snores.

The TinniTool EarProtect offers diverse filters for a variety for noise combinations. Simply choose the noises that you are exposed to and receive the filter customized to your needs:

- Musicians, Concert, Disco
- Work, Industry, Machines
- Racing, Motorcycle, Convertible
- Travel, Fly, Passenger
- Sleep, Snore, Night rest
- Hunt, Shot, Detonation

TinniTool EarProtect: CHF 36.- / EUR 29.-

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