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Mon, 20.04.2009
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easyAd defies the economic crisis and launches further products & spanish portal
easyAd extends its self-booking platform for the world language Spanish

Chur (pts038/20.04.2009/20:12) - easyAd expands products in time for the ad:tech show in San Francisco and has news of further expansion. "With the expansion of our self-booking platform for one of the most important language in the online market (Spanish), we significantly expand our worldwide target group," says company founder and CEO Michael Stusch. "By extending our original markets from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to now include an English-language self booking platform in December 2008, we are not just present in the U.S. and UK, we are now worldwide. We have complimented our worldwide expansion even further today," says Michael Stusch.

Since April 20th, 2009 easyAd customers can now participate with the successful easyAd model in the expanding markets in Spain and South America in the native language of Spanish. In just a few clicks you can earn more money with your own website, even without profound knowledge or an Ad-Agency, everyone can place its own advertising or promotional campaign on the internet.

"To offer our website operators additional revenues, easyAd launched on the self-booking platform the product 'earn/Engine'. The 'earn/Engine' is a direct booking tool allowing all interested visitors on each website easy accessibility to book a campaign directly", explains Oliver Posch COO. "According to our philosophy, anyone who likes a website on which he/she is surfing can also directly book a campaign - very easy!" In addition to this direct booking platform, easyAd offers its website customers support, clearing and settlements for all additional customers and campaigns. All customized to their needs. The 'earn/Engine Pro' is a more professional tool for larger websites. With both tools, easyAd created an appropriate counterpart to Google AdSense in the field Displayed Ads.

About easyAd:

The easyAd group AG is a leading worldwide online advertising network which brings together advertisers and publishers through its unique global online self booking platform. It seats in Chur, Switzerland and currently owns six daughter companies in four European countries, Russia, and the United States. easyAd was founded in Germany 2002 and currently has a workforce of 50 employees worldwide. Target advertising groups are companies of all sizes where advertisers, publishers, and other sales rep organizations are able to place their own advertisement and inventory. All of easyAd's publishers are required to meet a high quality of criteria the company has established. The easyAd network has a worldwide reach of more than 200 million unique users per month.

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