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Thu, 05.03.2009
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easyAd increases capital base
easyAd increases its capital base by 5 million Swiss francs

Chur (pts038/05.03.2009/15:09) - easyAd secured its third round of funding in the amount of 5 million Swiss francs. This increase in capital enables easyAd to expand its international self-booking platform, the product portfolio, including premium-sales, and InText-advertisement. There will be additional features in the near future.

Founder and CEO Michael Stusch: "After a successful re-launch of our self-booking platform in December 2008, I am pleased to announce that easyAd has secured additional capital to accelerate our continued growth. This new capital is used for continued internationalization of our self-booking platform, along with the planned expansion of our product portfolio. In addition to the existing platforms for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we will also launch platforms for the United States and Great Britain within the coming weeks. Platforms for Russia and South America are on our agenda thereafter."

easyAd is unique in the market by employing a dual strategy of internationalization and the development of supplying all online marketing varieties. Another USP is having the ability to carefully optimize ad campaigns down to the placement level. easyAd's target groups are various sized advertising agencies; including large advertisers with in-house agencies, SME-Advertisers, premium websites, and special interest websites. Especially now in the worldwide economic crisis, companies depend on cost efficient marketing instruments to generate clients and sales. Offering companies these products through various booking platforms and defined target groups, easyAd enables advertisers to maximize their current marketing budgets.

About easyAd:
The easyAd group AG is a leading worldwide online advertising network which brings together advertisers and publishers through its unique global online self booking platform. It seats in Chur, Switzerland and currently owns six daughter companies in four European countries, Russia, and the United States. easyAd was founded in Germany 2002 and currently has a workforce of 50 employees worldwide. Target advertising groups are companies of all sizes where advertisers, publishers, and other sales rep organizations are able to place their own advertisement and inventory. All of easyAd's publishers are required to meet a high quality of criteria the company has established. The easyAd network has a worldwide reach of more than 200 million unique users per month.

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Contact: Jennifer Jiruska
E-Mail: jennifer@easyad.info
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