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Thu, 22.11.2007
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Image, Acceptance and Acknowledgement for the best SME companies in Europe
European BestPractice-IT Award 2008 for SMEs - International Best Practices wanted now
BestPractice-IT Ceremony 2007
BestPractice-IT Ceremony 2007
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Baden-Baden (pts019/22.11.2007/12:00) - Decision makers of several hundred SMEs have cooperated with BestPractice-IT during the last four years. They realised that successful modernisation is created only by a consistent use of ICT. Undoubtedly these BestPractice-IT enterprises function as role models due to their creative and profitable use of ICT. They represent themselves Europewide as innovative and progressive - an absolute benefit for the own enterprise as well as for all SMEs in Germany and Europe.

"We can now proudly say that the interactive virtual workshop concept developed by our consultant and her team has been ranked as an international best practice. It feels great to be awarded this recognition - there were altogether over 500 participants in the contest." Tommi Gustafsson, General Manager of Innotiimi, a Finnish Consulting Enterprise and winner of the BestPractice-IT Award International 2007 puts in a nutshell what the Award is all about: Image, Acceptance and Acknowledgement as one of the best SME companies in Europe!

The Finnish Consulting Enterprise Innotiimi profits in a specific manner by ICT. The enterprise has 55 employees who have their offices at different places within and beyond Finland. The application of a virtual meeting tool, combined with the training methods of the enterprise enables effective online meetings and saves an enormous amount of time and travel costs.

This is only one example of how companies gain success by the consistent application of information and communication technology in their everyday business. BestPractice-IT is searching for more! Along with the important criteria: Measurable initiative, high efficiency, noticeable profitability, special role model function - the consistent use of ICT in the company will be rewarded! This years highly remunerated "European BestPractice-IT Award for SMEs" is endowed with 25.000 Euro prize money!

To apply, owners, decision makers or ICT responsibles in the enterprise must accomplish our BestPractice-IT check until January 31th, 2008. The information provided in the check is the basis for the preparation of an individual BestPractice-IT company profile by our editors. With the publication of this enterprise profile in our media the company immediately belongs to the exclusive circle of BestPractice-IT enterprises and automatically gets the chance to win the highly remunerated "European BestPractice-IT Award for SMEs".

For further information and the BestPractice-IT Check in French, Spanish, English and German please visit http://www.bestpractice-it-award.eu.

By the way - the Award Ceremony will take place on Tuesday, March 4th, 2008 at CeBIT in Hannover (http://www.cebit.com ) and the Award will be handed over by a State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Germany.

BestPractice-IT in brief

BestPractice-IT is a continuously growing network of SMEs and ICT industry as well as SME, political and economic lobbies. BestPractice-IT considers itself as an independent trigger and precursor for the modernisation and competitiveness of SMEs in Germany and Europe by the targeted use and consistent application of ICT.
BestPractice-IT is under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). Further information: http://www.bestpractice-it.eu or http://www.bestpractice-it-award.eu

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