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Mon, 02.06.2003
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Anonymous file sharing without Spy or Ad ware
"The next revolution in P2P file sharing"

Gaza City (pte036/02.06.2003/14:26) - "EarthStation5" (ES5), a company registered on Vanuatu and in Palestine, has developed file sharing software that it calls revolutionary.

Special features of the software are the anonymity of the participants, encoded connections and the lack of a need for Spy or Ad ware.

"It is the 'Holy Grail of file sharing', as it guarantees user anonymity," said ES5 president Ras Kabir. "Users no longer have to worry about what they are sharing and with whom, as they are now completely anonymous," said Kabir. The free P2P software supports all kinds of files and also has a preview function.

Thanks to SSL encoding (secure socket layer), third parties cannot access the transferred files, and by using the available proxy servers the IP address of the user cannot be revealed.

According to ES5, PGPDisk encoding software can also be effortlessly integrated, so that the contents of the file can be protected agains unwanted readers on the user's computer.

In addition to these features, ES5 can act as a dating service, provide a chat room with video transmission and set up access to news sites. A web server with a dynamic DNS tool comes with the four-MB-sized installation file.

On its website (flash only), ES5 points out that its team consists of Jews, Christians, Hindus and Muslims from Jordan, Palestine, India, the United States, Russia and Israel who "love and respect" one another. It is not clear exactly how ES5 is financed.

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