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Fri, 23.05.2003
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German SCO Group leaves Linux club
Disputes in USA lead to consequences in Germany

Frickenhausen (pte036/23.05.2003/15:33) - The German SCO Group has quit the German Linux Association in reaction to heavy attacks from other members during the past two weeks.

The conflict centres around legal action taken by SCO against IBM, accusing IBM of illegally giving SCO code to the Linux community .

In his letter announcing his firm's departure, SCO Group GmbH head Hans Bayer did not comment on the attacks by other members of the organisation. According to Bayer, the German SCO Group simply does not want to be part of an organisation in which it is "not welcome". Bayer also said that his firm was not involved in its American parent group's activities, and that he was neither in a professional nor authorised position to discuss the issue.

SCO's suit against IBM has stirred a controversy in the Linux scene. If the suit is successful it could mean the software firm would be entitled to licensing fees. SCO has also announced plans to sue other Linux distributors such as Red Hat and SuSE. In the meantime, SCO has stopped its Linux distribution and licensed its Unix patents to Microsoft.

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