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Mon, 12.05.2003
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Benefone puts new product on market
Coded text messaging now possible

Salo, Finnland (pte051/12.05.2003/15:38) - Despite recent financial difficulties, Finnish mobile phone company Benefone has put a new product on the market. The small phone company has made it possible to send end-to-end coded text messaging (SMS), telematic-data and GPS data via normal GSM mobile phone lines. Positive caller-id of the sender is also possible.

Benefon intends to win customers, particularly in the official sector and in enterprises with specific security concerns, with its secure text-messaging solution. A price list will be made available later this week.

Benefon's director of Business Development, Ismo Laitakari, explains the new product: "We're delivering the DLL-libraries that can be integrated into the window tools for the administration of Benfon handsets, which are developed by our company. With the help of a mobile phone or a normal SMS modem the coded messages can be sent from our phone models 'Track Pro' and 'Esc!' The data arrives secured and coded and can be decoded with the software that is installed in our phones."

Normal SMSs can't be sent coded from mobile phones. Phones that have been manufactured before 19th May will need a software update.

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