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Wed, 30.04.2003
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New WLAN security check ready for market
Wi-Fi Alliance certifies first products

Mountain View (pte032/30.04.2003/13:17) - First "Wi-Fi Protected Access" (WPA) certificates have been issued for WLAN products under a new security standard.

The WPA rating will replace the Wired Equivalent Privacy standard, which was not able to guarantee security. The first certified products are scheduled to appear on the market in May .

By improving security and guaranteeing compatibility, the Wi-Fi Allliance hopes to disperse doubts among those users who oppose WLAN.

Dennis Eaton, head of the Wi-Fi Alliance, believes the certifications will ensure the availability of strong and standard-based security solutions for WLANs. "This is the best, completely compatible security solution available up to now," said Eaton.

Following 802.11a and 802.11b, WPA is the third WLAN standard to be developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance for the compatibility of products by different companies. The organisation is currently working on a test programme for its 802.11g standard. WPA is an intermediary step to security standard 802.11i.

The Wi-Fi Alliance was founded in 1999 and has 175 members.

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