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Fri, 25.04.2003
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Industry initiative against spamming
'Project Lumos' to identify mass mailers

Washington (pte029/25.04.2003/13:08) - The "E-mail Service Provider Coalition" (ESPC) has launched its own project in an effort to fight against spam mailings. Unwanted mass mailings make up 40 per cent of all e-mails in the USA and high percentage in Europe, often leading to clogged networks and overflowing in-boxes.

With "Project Lumo", the ESPC hopes to be able to reliably identify the senders of mass spam mailings and enable users to better filter their e-mail. The filtering process will mainly take place at the provider level, where unwanted and wanted e-mails can be sorted. The system will also make it easier to take legal action against spammers.

The ESPC, which has 30 member companies, was created through the Network Advertising Initiative. Its members include companies such as DoubleClick or Digital Impact .

"Fighting off spam requires a change in e-mail architecture," said Hans Peter Brondmo, chairman of the ESPC working group for technical matters. Project Lumos will attempt to prevent senders of unwanted mailings from hiding behind fake e-mail addresses.

Up to now, spam filters have generally been implemented directly at the user's computer; as an 'after the fact' solution, they sort out spam mail once it has been downloaded. Implemented by the provider, the new system requires all mailings to contain reliable authorisation information on the sender, including a url allowing the recipient to remove his name from the mailing list. The ESPC hope this will force marketing firms to abide by the rules and monitor their mailing practices.

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