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Wed, 23.04.2003
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EU proposes satellite toll system
Temporary microwave systems until 2008

Brussels (pte043/23.04.2003/15:41) - The EU Commission (EC) presented first plans for a uniform European satellite-based highway toll system today. In the long term, one device installed per vehicle may be sufficient for all toll routes in Europe.

In a first draught of the new guidelines, the European Commission proposed a toll system based on satellite navigation and mobile telecommunications. In the meantime, systems based on microwaves such as that used in Austria will be allowed|0|RAPID&lg=DE&display= .

After 2008, however, the EC plans to allow only satellite-based systems. These are to be based on European Galileo satellite navigation technology, which will be fully operational by then.

With a combination of mobile telecommunications and satellites, Brussels also hopes to create a foundation for future telematics services. All automatic microwave-based toll systems to be used until 2008 should be compatible with the satellite systems.

Commissioner Loyola de Palacio expects the financing to come from a public-private partnership. "The financial and structural problems in setting up these comprehensive and expensive infrastructures, which will be very important for cooperation on our continent, will not be solved overnight. But the guidelines presented today can serve as a basis for the common creation of future traffic networks in the enlarged Union," said Palacio."

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