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Wed, 16.04.2003
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From Down Under to Europe
3 Australia opens its UMTS network to customers

Sydney (pte037/16.04.2003/14:48) - The telecommunications company 3 Australia has opened up its UMTS network in Australia, which will eventually lead to video-phoning from continent to continent. The network coverage currently encompasses Sydney and Melbourne and will soon be covering Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. According to CEO Kevin Russell, connections are already set up in Great Britain and in Italy. Connecting to Hong Kong and Sweden is the project of the next few months, thus making visual communication possible all over the world.

Nineteen 3 stores are now open world-wide; by the end of the year, 70 more will supply customers with high-tech telecommunication apparatuses. Currently available are the Motorola A830 and NEC e606. In the next weeks NEC e808N will be added; and in a few months, Motorola's A920. As a bonus for First Mover customers, current buyers of the A920 and NEC mobiles will be able to exchange their phone in a year's time, and will receive a new 3 mobile phone for the price of A$300 (170 euros).

Multi-media design is one of 3 Australia's main sales points. Outside its own network connection, national roaming on the 2G network is supported by Vodaphone Australia.

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