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Tue, 15.04.2003
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Tablet PCs liven up flagging market
Hope glimmers in PC branch

Scottsdale (pte025/15.04.2003/12:29) - Tablet PCs and so-called Smart Displays, portable appliances meant for home use, have brought new hope to the PC branch. The US market research company In-Stat/MDR reports that these products will lift the PC and software market out of its current depression. In 2003 about one percent of sales in the notebook market will be apportioned to the marketing of such appliances. In 2005, a growth of 3.5% is predicted .

The "early" Tablet-PC-market is predicted to dominate in North America, with Europe and Japan to follow. Despite this, In-Stat/MDR expects the east-Asian market to grow significantly due to the fact that the keyboradless notebooks offer many considerable advantages in east-Asian scripts. As the Smart Displays are exclusively directed at the home-user, sales are expected to be more reserved. Also in North America, due to its lively PC market, the Smart Displays are likely to have more success.

In March the market research company IDC released figures on the success of the Tablet PCs, which showed that at the close of the quarter, 72,000 had been sold world-wide. The products had first been released in November of the previous year. Selling 17,000 Tablet PCs, Hewlett Packard proved to be the leader in the market.

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