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Wed, 02.04.2003
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CERN and IBM plan new grid technology
Big Blue joins Openlabs

Geneva (pte041/02.04.2003/15:58) - IBM and the European CERN research centre will soon be working together to create new grid technologies.

In a first step, Big Blue will become a member of CERN Openlab , a partnership between the research centre and the industry to develop the biggest grid structures in the world. IBM will contribute to the project with its "Storage Tank" virtualisation technology .

CERN needs the grid to process enormous amounts of data resulting from experiments with its particle accelerator "Large Hadron Collider" (LHC). The LHC will start operations in 2007. Researchers predict up to 10 petabytes (PB) of data will be produced in the experiments each year. These have to be managed and sent to research institutes around the world. CERN scientists hope to use the LHC to find out more about the conditions during the first seconds of the universe.

IBM's Storage Tank will provide the foundation for a flexible file system, which has been designed for the storage, administration and sharing of large amounts of data in a global network. Scientists should be able to send their first PB through the network by 2005, once the developmental phase of the system has been completed. One PB is approximately equal to 1.5 million CD-Roms.

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