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Mon, 31.03.2003
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Vodafone and Orange trust in own software
Goal: Independence from Nokia and Microsoft

London/ Paris (pte056/31.03.2003/17:56) - Vodafone and Orange have launched a partnership with US start up SavaJe Technologies in Massachusetts.

The two European mobile phone companies hope the deal for handset software will help them remain independent to giants Nokia and Microsoft. Together, they have invested 3.5m dollars in the US software provider, which is developing a smartphone operating system with features such as an Internet browser, video player and other multimedia applications.

In total, SavaJe has a capital of about 30 million dollars, with the most recent round of financing bringing in 17.5m dollars. Up to now the market for smartphone operating systems has been dominated by Microsoft, Palm and the British firm Symbian, which is owned in part by Nokia. Nokia also produces its own Symbian-compatible software.

Although the amount invested is relatively low, the Wall Street Journal reports that Orange has expressed an interest in selling mobile phones with SavaJe software. Both Orange and Vodafone intend to make their services easily distinguishable from those of their competitors. They hope handsets with SavaJe software will find a unique place on the market.

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