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Fri, 21.03.2003
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EU Commission supports WLAN
Licensing process to be made easier

Brussels (pte036/21.03.2003/14:02) - The EU Commission has focused its attention on increased use of WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) access in Europe. Commissioners have urged the EU to support public WLAN hotspots by making it easier to acquire a license.

To do this, the commissioners recommend issuing a "general license" for WLAN services in all EU member countries. The EU Commission considers these networks an important supplement to existing broadband connections .

"The recommendation is an important step toward providing fast Internet connections on different access platforms," said responsible commissioner Erkki Liikanen. "In addition to other broadband access channels, European citizens can use LAN technology for access to the information society when they are far from home or in public places," said Liikanen.

The EU Commission has also urged member states to keep LAN frequency licensing fees at a minimum. A recent Gartner study shows that Europe still lies behind the USA in the development of public WLAN access - a discrepancy attributed to more complicated licensing procedures.

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