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Wed, 19.03.2003
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Inmarsat prepares for war
Back-up satellite moved into position to cover Gulf

London (pte026/19.03.2003/12:45) - Inmarsat has placed a back-up satellite in a new geo-stationary position, from which it can more easily cover the Persian Gulf. This will boost Inmarsat's capacity in the event of a war in the region.

Aid organizations, governments and media companies are expected to extensively use the Inmarsat GAN (Global Area Network) during a war in Iraq. The satellite system provides transfer speeds of up to 64kbits per second.

Inmarsat's video phone services were widely used for reporting during the most recent war in Afghanistan. Aid organizations use the service to transfer data, sometimes coupling two connections to double the wavelength.

Michael Butler, managing director of Inmarsat said: "By setting up a fifth ocean region, we can be certain that we will be able to meet the growing demand for our services among world media and aid organizations in the region." The new region is called Indian Ocean Region West (IND-W).

Inmarsat currently has nine satellites in geo-stationary orbit, four of which have been used for the GAN up to now. The remaining five satellites are on reserve and can be rented for special purposes . (newsfox-special Iraq)

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