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Tue, 11.03.2003
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Hungarian firms easy prey for hackers
Telindus warns companies to improve security

Budapest (pte037/11.03.2003/13:00) - Belgian Telindus Group NV , which has a specialist hacking centre based in Paris , has cautioned Hungarian businesses about tightening up cyber security, as reported in the Budapest Business Journal (BBJ).

"After 9/11 global security awareness rose - but not so much in Hungary," said Miklós Bata, managing director of Telindus Hungary. "Firms here don't realize the threat and the vast majority don't even have a security policy. IT security in Hungary is a case of 'fire-brigade' work, with companies reactively solving the problem at hand," he said.

One technique used by Telindus to convince an interested company of the need for better security is to carry out a concentrated assault on the company's network. A team from the hacking centre in Paris then drafts security policies for clients on the basis of their findings. They consider what type of software can be used, and whether password conventions and authentication methods should be changed.

According to BBJ, the Hungarian operation is Telindus's first central and eastern European venture. Bata is convinced there is an urgent need to strengthen cyber security in Hungary. "We've even found file servers containing bookkeeping information that is not password protected," he said. Another big problem are Trojan horses, which can more easily infiltrate a company that indiscriminately gives employees access to all parts of its network. Bata feels Hungarian firms need to begin with a more strategic arrangement of authorisation levels.

Telindus has over 60 offices in 15 countries in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. One of the group's customers is the technology division of the G8. In Hungary, Telindus clients include metallurgy firm Alcoa-Köfém Kft, lighting and power systems manufacturer GE Hungary Rt and beer producer Borsod Brewery Rt.

Telindus Hungary was established in May 2001 and currently has ten employees, while the entire group employs 2,400 around the world. According to Bata, Telindus Hungary made a small profit last year and is aiming for Ft 500 million (2.05m euros) in revenue for 2003.

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