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Fri, 07.03.2003
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Ericsson to create largest European WLAN network
5,000 hotspots to appear in Great Britain

London (pte023/07.03.2003/12:56) - Swedish mobile company Ericsson is planning to set up the largest public wireless LAN in Europe, with 5,000 hotspots in Great Britain.

The new hotspots are the first step in building Inspired Broadcast Networks (IBN), the largest WLAN contract Ericsson has ever secured. Details on the financing of the new project were not included in the company's recent press release .

Participating in the creation of IBN are British Telecom and Intel. Up to 30,000 hotspots are planned for Great Britain in the next three years. The network connection will be made via DSL, so as to keep costs at a minimum.

The network, called "The Cloud", will provide download services for end-users. IBN is also planning to cooperate with mobile and broadband communications providers.

The first hotspots will be set up at 3,000 locations belonging to Inspired, a British company which supplies pubs and petrol stations with digital entertainment platforms. Another partner of IBN will be Great Britain's largest gaming operator LLG .

IBN could face competition from T-Mobile, which has announced it will extend it s WLAN partnership with Starbucks to Great Britain.

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