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Mon, 03.03.2003
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ODSL publishes benchmarks for Linux servers
Tests for webshop, company, and databank applications

Baeverton (pte044/03.03.2003/14:58) - The Open Source Development Lab (ODSL) has published a package of three benchmarks for high performance Linux servers. The benchmarks have been designed for independent Linux developers, who wish to test their applications under the most realistic conditions.

The three tests are to meet the specifications of the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC), and the software is now available online as a free download.

The project organizers have however pointed out that the two benchmark systems ODSL and TPC are not completely comparable, as the ODSL was initiated as a cooperative project by HP, IBM, Intel and NEC and was designed to promote the use of Linux at the workplace.

The ODSL-Database Test 1 (ODSL-DBT-1) is an implementation of the TCP-W-Benchmark and simulates an online bookshop with a catalogue, from which visitors can order directly.

ODSL-DBT-2 provides a company application for client data and product stock, to which more than one user can have access at once. This test corresponds to the TPC-C-Benchmark.

ODSL-DBT-3 simulates broad queries in a large databank, acting as an implementation of the TPC-H benchmark.

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