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Tue, 11.02.2003
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Calculate your risk of heart attack
German study offers simple points system

Hamburg (pte037/11.02.2003/12:54) - German scientists have worked out a new system to estimate the long term risk of heart attack in individuals.

Presented today in Hamburg, the three-pronged method is based on data from the German Prospective Cardiovascular M√ľnster (PROCAM) study carried out the University of M√ľnster

During the study, three new procedures were developed to calculate individual risk of heart attack based on factors such as blood pressure, smoking habits and age.

The first is the PROCAM risk score, which calculates the risk of heart attack for the moment when the data are entered and allows users to see which risk factors have the most influence on their personal outlook. The second, known as the PROCAM risk calculator, is more suited to assessing the lowering of risk during treatment. And the third procedure, which involves "neuronal networks", is by far the most time-consuming as it sends the results by e-mail within a week.

The international working group for the prevention of coronary heart disease has placed the new calculator, along with the group's recommendations, on the web at

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