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Wed, 05.02.2003
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Security gaps found in Opera 7.0
Updated 7.01 version for Windows now available

Oslo (pte038/05.02.2003/13:14) - A revised edition of Opera for Windows has been published after security gaps were discovered in Opera 7.0.

Greymagic Security announced yesterday, Tuesday, it had discovered several weaknesses in the Opera 7.0 version for Windows and published these on its website.

Opera reacted overnight by making a free, more secure 7.01 version of its product available today at The company claims that all of the security problems in question, some of which were critical, have been resolved in the newer version.

The 7.01 Opera version can be downloaded for free. Those who do not want the advertising banner to appear in their browser will be asked to pay a fee of 39 US dollars.

The Opera 7.0 version featured a completely re-written rendering engine in its software package. Functions such as "The Wand" or "Fast Forward" are designed to improve surfing speed. In the Fast Forward function, for example, the browser tries to predict which page the user will access next and pulls the information from the page into the cache. The Wand is designed to make logging onto password-protected sites easier.

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