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Fri, 24.01.2003
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Italian families asked to adopt a prostitute
New campaign to clear the streets of working girls

Rome (pte036/24.01.2003/10:40) - Families in Italy are being asked to "adopt" a prostitute as part of a campaign aimed at clearing the streets of working girls. Members of the city council in Padua who initiated the campaign "Adopt a Glow-worm" - glow worm being Italian slang for "loose girl" - said they hoped it would be the first step towards reintegrating thousands of young prostitutes back into society.Ê

Raffaele Zanon from the city council said: "Naturally this initiative is just a drop in the ocean, but it is important to support those girls who want to make a new start in life. It is also important that institutions support the families who are willing to take the reformed prostitutes into their homes."

Some 70,000 prostitutes sell themselves on Italy's streets, the majority of girls come from eastern Europe or Africa and 40 per cent are underage. The unusual project also has the support of two human rights organisations that are helping prepare people for their new family members. In recent months Italy has launched fierce attacks on prostitution. In Rome, punters caught with their pants down face fines of up to 2,700 pounds and prostitutes caught by authorities more than once can find themselves behind bars for up to 15 days.

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