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Qpass, a leading digital commerce software and solutions company today announced it has expanded its current agreement with Skype to offer Personalise Skype, a service that allows Skype users to include branded music content from iconic UK dance music record label Ministry of Sound (MoS). [more]

Qpass Connects Ministry of Sound to 75 Million Skype Users and Creates New VoIP
2006-02-14, pts20060214025 Computer/Telecommunications, Commerce/Services
T-Mobile International and Qpass Expand Partnership
2006-02-13, pts20060213013 Computer/Telecommunications, Commerce/Services
Qpass Identifies Significant Growth Potential of Mobile Video in Europe
2005-10-31, pts20051031013 Computer/Telecommunications, Commerce/Services
Billions of Euros Lost Through Mobile Data Revenue Leakage
2005-10-20, pts20051020018 Computer/Telecommunications, Products/Innovations
Skype introduces Personalise Skype Powered by Qpass
2005-09-29, pts20050929023 Computer/Telecommunications, Science/Technology
I taccheggiatori di suonerie potrebbero essere una minaccia
2005-08-02, pts20050802047 Computer/Telecommunications, Culture/Lifestyle
Los ladrones de tonos para móviles podrían poner en peligro a la industria
2005-08-02, pts20050802015 Computer/Telecommunications, Commerce/Services
Ringtone Shoplifters Hitting Mobile Music Stores Could Threaten Industry
2005-08-01, pts20050801018 Computer/Telecommunications, Commerce/Services
James Patmore joins ucp morgen as Vice President Sales & Business Development
2004-06-14, pts20040614043 Companies/Finance, Computer/Telecommunications
ucp morgen to deliver MMS software for Danger Inc.'s hiptop(TM) wireless solution
2003-02-10, pts20030210024 Computer/Telecommunications, Companies/Finance