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Mon, 31.10.2005
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Qpass Identifies Significant Growth Potential of Mobile Video in Europe
Trend in mobile video driven by music videos, comedy sketches, sports clips

London (pts013/31.10.2005/11:19) - Qpass, whose software powers the marketplace for digital media and services, has identified mobile video downloads as a significant growth area in Europe. Mobile video downloads through Qpass software accounted for only 1 per cent of total mobile content downloads in March 2005, but this figure has surged to 5 per cent at the end of September 2005, representing a 55 percent increase in retail value growth over the last 6 months.

Mobile video is set to take the European wireless industry by storm during the next 12 months with video enabled handsets predicted to outsell non-video handsets for the first time in 2006 (Provided by The Gartner Group). Moreover, media brands such as CNN, MTV, Warner Brothers and Sky Networks have been quick to embrace mobile video as an exciting new channel for delivering exclusive video content and live broadcasts.

Qpass notes that the trend for mobile video downloads is being driven by five key content areas of music videos, comedy sketches, sports clips, TV and movie videos, and adult content. Ringtones remain the highest-selling content in Europe with more than 50 per of the market share of the overall retail value of mobile content.

"The last six months have seen the momentum of mobile video significantly increase across the whole value chain as the market moves to embrace this exciting evolution in mobile data," said Christian Lutz, General Manager, Qpass Europe. "With Qpass' end-to-end solution for managing premium services, media brands can rapidly rollout video services and capitalise on the growth of this nascent market."

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Qpass software powers the marketplace for digital media and services by efficiently managing the entire digital supply chain over any network and any type of device. Qpass software and services are the critical infrastructure required to operate premium services businesses profitably, with the agility required to fully capture new opportunities, and with the sound business controls and processes required to scale operations efficiently. As the most broadly deployed foundation for mobile and fixed-network commerce, Qpass serves 150 million mobile subscribers and over 60 million web portal, WiFi and VOIP users worldwide. Qpass processes tens of millions of premium services transactions per month and has processed more than 300 million transactions since inception, representing more than US $750 million in gross retail consumer sales. Qpass customers include Cingular Wireless, T-Mobile International, Vodafone, Sprint Nextel, ALLTEL, US Cellular, One and Skype. Qpass is privately held and has headquarters in Seattle, Washington with European offices in London and Vienna. For more information, visit www.qpass.com.

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