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Mon, 13.02.2006
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T-Mobile International and Qpass Expand Partnership
Qpass` Digital Commerce Solution powers T-Mobile`s managed download service

London/Barcelona (pts013/13.02.2006/09:38) - 13th February, 2006 - Qpass, a leading digital commerce software and solutions company, today announced a multi-year expansion of its existing agreement with T-Mobile International, one of the world's leading mobile communications carriers. T-Mobile will leverage Qpass' technology platform and services to manage its premium mobile content business across five key European markets: UK, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, and Croatia, which together total some 50 million customers.

Today's announcement marks the first time that a tier-one European operator has partnered with a third-party provider such as Qpass to manage its premium content download business in its key European markets. The deal will enable T-Mobile International to streamline its premium content download business by employing a single technology platform ("the Qpass Digital Commerce Solution"). Additionally, Qpass will manage the lifecycle of downloadable content available throughout all of T-Mobile's branded mobile content services, including t-zones. Qpass will also be adding new features and capabilities to t-zones to expand the merchandising and promotion functions and expand the types of new media that are available to mobile users.

Qpass and T-Mobile have been working together for more than three years, during which time Qpass has provided the carrier with its content delivery platform. With this new agreement Qpass will provide its Digital Commerce Solution and also additional strategic services including:

* Content sourcing and provisioning
* Content management and merchandising

"We're very pleased to expand our relationship with Qpass, which has been an integral and trusted part of our business for many years. Qpass has been able to provide T-Mobile International with a comprehensive digital commerce platform that enables us to continually bring innovative content and applications to our customers," said Richard Horton, Vice President, Mobile Portals and Content Delivery, T-Mobile.

Developed to overlay T-Mobile's existing architecture, the Qpass Digital Commerce Solution integrates seamlessly with T-Mobile's business systems to offer flexible multi-language, multi-currency mobile storefronts. This allows T-Mobile to effectively merchandise mobile content by creating timely offers and promotions.

"Qpass' ability to manage the premium content and services business helps operators such as T Mobile continue to rapidly grow and expand their data services business," said Chase Franklin, CEO, Qpass. "We are pleased to extend our partnership with T-Mobile to offer them innovative tools and offerings that contribute significantly to their premium services revenue."

About Qpass
Qpass is a leading digital commerce software and solutions company that enables the buying and selling of digital goods and services over any network. The Qpass platform manages hundreds of thousands of content applications and services across mobile, VoIP, and Wi-Fi networks. The company manages the entire digital commerce value chain including content management, merchandising, delivery, billing, settlement and customer care integration. Qpass customers include Cingular Wireless, T-Mobile International, Vodafone, Sprint, SunCom, Alltel, US Cellular, One and Skype. Qpass serves more than 175 million mobile subscribers and more than 60 million Web portal, Wi-Fi and VoIP users worldwide. Qpass processes tens of millions of premium services transactions per month and has processed more than 400 million premium downloads since inception, representing more than US$1Billion in gross retail consumer sales.
Qpass is privately-held and has headquarters in Seattle, Washington, with European offices in London and Vienna.

About T-Mobile International
T-Mobile International is one of the world's leading companies in mobile communications. As one of Deutsche Telekom's three strategic business units, T-Mobile concentrates on the most dynamic markets in Europe and the United States. By the end of 2005, nearly 87 million mobile customers were served by companies of the Deutsche Telekom group.
And all that over a common technology platform based on GSM, the world's most successful digital wireless standard. This also makes T-Mobile the only mobile communications provider with a seamless transatlantic service.

For more information about T-Mobile International, please visit www.t-mobile.net

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