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A new therapeutic option for septic shock has now been approved for and is available in 26 European countries. Sepsis affects 27-30 million people and leads to eight million deaths worldwide every year. Septic shock is caused by a generalized bacterial infection and is associated with higher morbidity and mortality as well as extended invalidity. Most importantly, sepsis has negative effects on the cardiovascular system. Blood pressure drops, consciousness is clouded, the heart rate and respiratory rate increase. Worsened macro and micro-circulation leads to impaired blood flow to organs and ultimately to organ damage. [more]

Argipressin: New therapy for septic shock now approved for 26 EU countries
2018-09-13, ptp20180913014 Health/Medicine, Sport/Events
22 July: World Brain Day 2018 - Clean Air for Brain Health
2018-07-19, ptp20180719007 Health/Medicine, Sport/Events
WHO released ICD-11 for implementation
2018-06-19, ptp20180619024 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
European Academy of Neurology: Franz Fazekas succeeds Günther Deuschl as president
2018-06-19, ptp20180619011 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Effects of deep brain stimulation treatment on the long-term course of Parkinson's disease
2018-06-19, ptp20180619009 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Thrombectomy in acute stroke therapy: Feasible for very old patients, but not without risks
2018-06-18, ptp20180618021 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Brain disorders and treatment gaps: non-treatment carries the greatest cost burden
2018-06-18, ptp20180618011 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology

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