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"The latest figures from the 'Global, Regional and National Burden of Neurological Disorders Study' clearly show the vast impact of neurological diseases", says Prof Raad Shakir, President of the World Federation of Neurology (WFN). "Neurological disorders rank as the leading cause of DALYs (disability-adjusted life years) and the second leading cause of death among all groups of diseases". These figures were revealed at the recent XXIII World Congress of Neurology in Kyoto, Japan. The study was also published in "The Lancet Neurology". [more]

Neurological diseases major challenge for health systems
2017-09-28, ptp20170928026 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Blood fats play key role in peripheral neuropathy for patients with type 2 diabetes
2017-09-21, ptp20170921008 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
School-based instruction on strokes can save lives and help to prevent lasting disabilities
2017-09-20, ptp20170920013 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
New dementia test enables diagnosis in 15 minutes
2017-09-20, ptp20170920011 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Multiple sclerosis: Experts discuss emerging treatment goals
2017-09-19, ptp20170919011 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
New epilepsy classification helps with orientation in diagnosis and therapy decisions
2017-09-19, ptp20170919009 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Education and global knowledge transfer improve neurological care worldwide
2017-09-18, ptp20170918009 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Palliative care in neurology helps patients and their caregivers
2017-09-16, ptp20170916012 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
New findings from dementia research: Why some people are resilient to memory loss
2017-09-16, ptp20170916011 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology

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