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The Japanese City of Kyoto will host the XXIII World Congress of Neurology (WCN 2017) this year, the world's biggest and most important neurology event. Thousands of participants from around the globe are expected to attend this major scientific meeting which will be held at the Kyoto International Conference Center from 16 to 21 September 2017. More than 300 renowned speakers from all fields of neurology will lecture on latest developments in their fields of expertise. [more]

World Congress of Neurology to take place in Kyoto, Japan
2017-08-04, ptp20170804021 Health/Medicine, Sport/Events
22 July: 2017 World Brain Day devoted to stroke
2017-07-19, ptp20170719011 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Media invitation: World Brain Day 2017 devoted to stroke prevention and treatment
2017-07-10, ptp20170710025 Health/Medicine, Sport/Events
Statins not associated with increased polyneuropathy risk, Danish study says
2017-06-27, ptp20170627030 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Heavy smart phone use can damage arm nerves
2017-06-27, ptp20170627026 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
High "gross neurological product": Europe's neurologists exceptionally scientifically productive
2017-06-27, ptp20170627019 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Openness may play a protective role in the co-occurrence of migraine and depression
2017-06-27, ptp20170627013 Science/Technology, Sport/Events
Metabolic syndrome increases risk of cognitive disorders
2017-06-27, ptp20170627011 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Apomorphine infusion effective in treating motor fluctuations of Parkinson's
2017-06-27, ptp20170627008 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Queen Máxima visits Congress of the European Academy of Neurology
2017-06-26, ptp20170626029 Health/Medicine, Sport/Events

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