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"The latest figures from the 'Global, Regional and National Burden of Neurological Disorders Study' clearly show the vast impact of neurological diseases", says Prof Raad Shakir, President of the World Federation of Neurology (WFN). "Neurological disorders rank as the leading cause of DALYs (disability-adjusted life years) and the second leading cause of death among all groups of diseases". These figures were revealed at the recent XXIII World Congress of Neurology in Kyoto, Japan. The study was also published in "The Lancet Neurology". [more]

22 July: World Brain Day 2016 devoted to the ageing brain
2016-07-20, ptp20160720013 Health/Medicine, Sport/Events
Zika experts: varied neurological complications, virus still detectable after recovery
2016-07-15, ptp20160715012 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Zika experts: varied neurological complications, virus still detectable after recovery
2016-07-14, ptp20160714032 Health/Medicine, Sport/Events
Media Alert: World Brain Day, 22 July 2016
2016-07-06, ptp20160706020 Health/Medicine, Sport/Events
Fractures chez les plus de 70 ans : éviter les séjours en maison de repos
2016-06-03, ptp20160603021 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Prothèses articulaires : le risque de complications augmente avec l'IMC
2016-06-02, ptp20160602032 Health/Medicine, Sport/Events
Chronic pain often overlooked in patients with dementia
2016-05-31, ptp20160531040 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Migraine prevention: Monoclonal antibodies could become additional therapy option
2016-05-31, ptp20160531025 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Antiepileptic drugs during pregnancy: folic acid could help to prevent autism
2016-05-31, ptp20160531020 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology

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