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Tue, 19.06.2018
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European Academy of Neurology: Franz Fazekas succeeds Günther Deuschl as president

Lisbon (ptp011/19.06.2018/09:20) - After four years at the helm of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN), Prof Günther Deuschl (Kiel) passed on the office of President of this major European specialist society for neurology to Prof Franz Fazekas at the 4th EAN Congress in Lisbon. The Austrian expert is director of the Department of Neurology at the Medical University of Graz and has been active as EAN's vice-president and then as president-elect since its founding in 2014 when EAN was created by a merger of the two European societies for neurology ENS and EFNS.

EAN President Prof Fazekas: "I look forward to the challenges ahead and to continuing to contribute to the positive development of the European Academy of Neurology. Neurology and Neurosciences are very dynamic and expanding fields and it is among my major objectives to use all the progress made for further improvements in the quality of care for patients in Europe and to render this care more homogeneous. There are still enormous differences in this respect and gaps in care across our continent. To this end, I will continue intense collaboration with other specialist societies and with patient organisations. It needs united efforts to be successful in this direction."

The members of the European Academy of Neurology can also look forward to attractive benefits such as the promotion of networking and continued education. Prof Fazekas: "The annual congresses will remain a highlight for neurology in Europe and be further invigorated with additional interactive formats. It shall serve to tie together all the different aspects of neurologic diseases and be a place to discuss research as well as clinical practice." The EAN president also wants to bring aboard new members and fellows.

In conclusion, Prof Fazekas spoke in high terms about his predecessor: "Günther Deuschl was a shining and most successful EAN president. I am most happy that he continues to serve the EAN as past-president. His inspiration and energy together with a brilliant group of Executive Board members have shaped an attractive and vibrating society within just a few years. I will be stepping into big shoes. The objective now is to continue what has been begun, to consolidate it and to develop it further."

The following new EAN Executive Board members were elected by the Assembly of Delegates at the EAN Congress in Lisbon:
* President elect: Prof Claudio Bassetti, Berne, Switzerland
* Secretary General: Prof. Marianne de Visser, Amsterdam, Netherlands
* Treasurer: Prof Elena Moro, Grenoble, France
* Chair Communication Committee: Prof Dafin Muresanu, Cluj, Romania
* Chair Scientific Committee: Prof Marie Vildaihet, Chairperson Scientific Committee, Paris, France

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