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Controlling a young diabetic patient's blood sugar is not enough to ward off diabetic peripheral neuropathy, or nerve pain, according to a University of Michigan study that demonstrated the pronounced role of obesity-related metabolic syndrome in the development of the nerve disorder. [more]

Experts call for patient care guidelines and effective therapies to combat Alzheimer's
2016-05-30, ptp20160530028 Health/Medicine, Sport/Events
Learning from practice using registry studies
2016-05-30, ptp20160530025 Health/Medicine, Sport/Events
New therapy options bring about changes in stroke care
2016-05-30, ptp20160530024 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Europe needs to be prepared for Zika virus epidemic, experts say
2016-05-30, ptp20160530023 Health/Medicine, Sport/Events
New approaches to early identification of Parkinson's disease
2016-05-30, ptp20160530021 Health/Medicine, Science/Technology
Portuguese study did not find an increased stroke risk for football fans
2016-05-29, ptp20160529005 Health/Medicine, Sport/Events
Underestimated burden: epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's & Co impair sexuality
2016-05-29, ptp20160529004 Health/Medicine, Sport/Events
New findings on the connections between gut microbiota and the brain
2016-05-29, ptp20160529003 Health/Medicine, Sport/Events
WhatsApp-based support group likely to improve the situation of epilepsy patients
2016-05-29, ptp20160529001 Health/Medicine, Sport/Events

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