Flat rate publishing

Newsfox, the international press distribution service of the Vienna based pressetext news agency, provides an easy and cost efficient opportunity to publish press releases and capital market reports on its website. Download the price list and fax order form as PDF file (Acrobat Reader required).

BASIC SERVICE – Flat rate Publishing (ptp)

Free publishing of news without limits hosted permanently on newsfox or pressetext (German Site). Submit releases and have them appeare on our websites, archives, RSS-Feeds, Twitter, all relevant search engines and apps. Also included: Free publishing of capital market reports (ir-news) in German and English via pressetext.adhoc.

News with will be published with photos, pdf’s and videos embedded (no distribution). The number of news articles is not limited. The editorial board will check them before publishing.

Basic yearly fee (365 days) to publish unlimited
• Flat rate publishing (ptp) without limits on newsfox.com and pressetext.com (no distribution)
• Releases available via RSS-Feeds, on Twitter, search engines, pressetext archives and apps
• publish press dates on German „Termindienst“ (incl. distribution)
• Company logo and link to your homepage
• Include up to 5 photos and graphics (300 dpi) and 5 pdf’s for downloads
• Hosted unlimited with press box
• Embedd video Links (YouTube)
Yearly flate rate account (Membership): EUR 790,-