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Austrian School Conducting Study to Confirm Effectiveness of New Air Filter Technology
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Prof. Tappler's Scientific Measurements
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title: Prof. Tappler's Scientific Measurements
image text: With a field study in the elementary school Hainfeld, the Institute for Interior Air Analysis is going to test the effectiveness of the wet filter technology in real daily school lessons. Here: Prof. Peter Tappler.
copyright: Fotodienst/Anna Rauchenberger
Dexwet Filters are very air permeable
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title: Dexwet Filters are very air permeable
image text: Air filters from Dexwet are characterized by high air permeability. They clean the air from fine particles and pathogens through the principle of convection of cold-warm air.
copyright: Fotodienst/Anna Rauchenberger
Air filter test in real school lessons
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title: Air filter test in real school lessons
image text: The effectiveness of radiator filters from Dexwet is measured and tested in the 1a classroom of Hainfeld elementary school.
copyright: Fotodienst/Anna Rauchenberger