Kreisel Electric GmbH
Kreisel Electric GmbH
Markus Kreisel
Phone: +43 7942 722 36
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Kreisel Electric presents MAVERO - super efficient and beautifully designed home energy storage
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Mavero Presentation Berlin 2016
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title: Mavero Presentation Berlin 2016
image text: The new home energy storage system from Kreisel Electric at the MAVERO world premiere at the Motorwerk Berlin
copyright: Kreisel Electric GmbH
MAVERO: Modular system
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title: MAVERO: Modular system
image text: The MAVERO home storage system is available in two different sizes, which can be modularly equipped and expanded.
copyright: Kreisel Electric GmbH
MAVERO wall installation
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title: MAVERO wall installation
image text: The innovative "ambient interface" LED lighting design displays the battery status using turquoise LEDs on the edge of the housing.
copyright: Kreisel Electric GmbH
MAVERO in white
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title: MAVERO in white
image text: The MAVERO in noble white; also available in black.
copyright: Kreisel Electric GmbH