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Thu, 29.04.2010
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CLANMO and AOL go for their new FanHouse App
Real-time information about the own team straight to the iPhone

Cologne (pts019/29.04.2010/11:21) - In August 2009, the world's largest internet provider AOL started the football website FanHouse ( It is the one site where British fans can get themselves up-to-date with detailed background stories about every team of the Premier League. In February then, AOL completed their great-demanded online content around the beloved oval by developing a FanHouse App that delivers all the website's services to the iPhone. Support in conception and design got the internet provider by the Mobile Interactive Agency CLANMO who designed numerous entertaining features for their new baby.

Via the FanHouse App, the user gets all the relevant news about "his" club on his mobile and is able to follow the course of events in time. The "Minute-by-minute" report holds real-time information about the current game and is therefore the best example of what the App enables. In addition, all the fans get the possibility to chat with the FanHouse reporter and to be, via twitter and facebook, in running exchange with their friends of the things that really matter. Via the FanHouse App is the user completely integrated into the game for the whole 90 minutes.

Especially on match days the App scores with special talents. Amongst others the user can choose at what location he wants to watch the game. He gets to pick between the options "sofa" "pub" and "stadium" that all appear with individual designs and special services. While the "sofa" contains an "Order-Food"-service that shows up all the nearby delivery-services to call, backings as the "Pub-Finder" and the "Stadium-Guide" will prevent everyone from feeling lost while experiencing the adventure of football outside the living room. Next to those practical helpers, the App also convinces with funny details just like the "Support-o-meter" which quantifies the volume of the fan-rejoicing.

"When developing the FanHouse App we especially focused on the interaction. Numerous features allow fans to be intensively included in the club's lives, their teams and their players as well as they put the chance to communicate with like-minded people on real-time into effect. We are glad that we created together with our client AOL a mobile branded product that not only contains relevant content but also includes high entertainment," said Joachim Bader, CEO of CLANMO

CLANMO GmbH ( is a highly acclaimed agency for mobile interaction. It assists its clients in questions of strategy and conceptual matters in mobile brand management and the development of mobile service portfolios. Its focal industries include travel, automotive, fashion, lifestyle and telecommunication. The work of CLANMO stands out thanks to its consistent high quality and great innovative power. Working for clients such as IKEA, Lufthansa and Konami, on multiple occasions CLANMO has developed projects that have advanced to become industry benchmarks in their own right - projects recognised with numerous awards. For example CLANMO won the Global Mobile Award 2010 for the IKEA PS Mobile Interior Planning Tool. Working from its locations in Munich and Cologne, CLANMO provides its clients a complete range of services featuring strategic consulting, creative work and in-house mobile technology. And CLANMO delivers the entire mobile portfolio from a single source: campaign creation, application development, mobile Internet and mobile media planning. Its clients include Deutsche Lufthansa, Konami, Europcar, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Hugo Boss and Porsche, among others.

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