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Wed, 08.07.2009
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MindMatics launches its first online platform 'm^3' for mobile services
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Munich (pts015/08.07.2009/11:00) - MindMatics http://www.mindmatics.com begins its marketing campaign for the m^3 'self service' mobile platform. This browser based platform not only enables small and medium sized enterprises to realize their own mobile marketing campaigns, but also facilitates specialists by offering individual configuration and monitoring options for both country specific CRM and payment activities.

Most of the platform's interactive mobile services are based around the same fundamental system component. From multi-level SMS competitions, mobile portal access, content downloads, PIN services and reverse auctions to elaborate mobile CRM logics- numerous program components have been integrated into the m^3 (http://www.mindmatics.com/m3) platform by MindMatics' development team, and each module can be individually activated. During the platform's development particular care was taken to ensure simple and intuitive operation, so that even users without any previous technical knowledge could set up their own live mobile service within minutes. Another highlight of this platform is its extensive reporting function, which displays and compares all relevant campaign data in real time, allowing you instant access to your performance review. This reporting module is now available for all MindMatics customers free of charge.

MindMatics has a wealth of experience gained throughout 10 years of technically implementing mobile marketing campaigns and services. It has taken this valuable experience and utilized it in the formulation of the m^3 platform. Selected customers, who tested the platform in advance, were impressed by its multiple service functions and ease of use. The Berliner Fox Mobile Distribution GmbH is, alongside MindMatics' subsidiary company CLANMO, one of the first organisations to utilize the comprehensive CRM possibilities.

Christoph Ranaweera, supervisor for Technical Country Management at Fox Mobile Distribution, was impressed: "As one of the world leaders in the field of Mobile Entertainment we have evaluated numerous platforms from different mobile service providers. With the MindMatics m^3 platform you can practically feel the amount of technical experience this service provider has to offer. Our cost efficiency requirements are met completely with the mobile CRM solution."

"Our goal is to provide each MindMatics customer - whether beginner or expert - with the complete MindMatics know-how to enable the successful realization of all campaigns, through an intuitive operating system," said Ingo Lippert, CEO of MindMatics AG. "This platform should also be respectively affordable so that even the smallest company can quickly and easily gain access to the mobile market."

About MindMatics:
MindMatics AG has carved out its position as the global market leader for network-operator-based small amount billing services. The company enables around 3,1 billion people in 60 countries to effect small payments or register votes via SMS. Moreover, MindMatics also offers a global SMS dispatch infrastructure that is optimised for ultimate reliability and performance. MindMatics customers include internationally operative airlines, financial institutes, web portals, retail businesses and telecommunication companies. MindMatics AG was established in March 2000 and employs over 100 staff at its offices in Munich, Cologne, Vienna, and London.

This press release and photo material is also available at http://www.mindmatics.com .

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