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Wed, 29.04.2009
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Swine Flu - Effective Control via FLIR Infrared Thermography
Cameras for early detection of elevated body temperature
FLIR IR Camera
FLIR IR Camera
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Berchem, Belgien (pts031/29.04.2009/15:15) - Growing international exchange, travel, and economic migration have increased the risk of viral deseases spread. In Mexico several people have recently died of the swine flu and the virus has now spread to the US and several European countries. Again the world faces a possible pandemic. To challenge such dangers, public health authorities around the world need a fast, easy, contactless, non-invasive and reliable method to detect elevated human body temperature differences. Infrared camera technology is such a method.

Airports, hospitals, stations and terminals already use infrared thermography in order to spot possible viral infections (bird flu, SARS a.o.) in passengers. FLIR IR cameras ( automatically and early recognize those individuals who might be afflicted with a virus and therefore need to be further examined.

The technology is easy to understand and only needs a few hours of training. The infrared camera produces thermal pictures in real time, at a rate of 50 Hz, that recognize even the slightest temperature differences - as small as 0.08°C. The data instantly show on the built-in LCD of the camera or on a connected video monitor. Thanks to an integrated color and sound alarm it can be immediately decided which individuals are jeopardized. The fast diagnosis makes it possible to examine a large number of people. Thus this technology is qualified very well for airports and other places where large groups of people gather.

Faces, especially the corners of the eyes, are particularly good areas for the FLIR IR cameras to screen. For this, the individuals are positioned in a distance of about 1-1.6 meters away from the camera lense. If people wear protecting masks they don't have to remove them, only glasses and plastic affect the infrared radiation an have to be taken off.

With this method, it is not necessary to determine the absolute body temperature. Experience values show that the formula "body temperature minus face temperature" offers reliable average data that are constant between 0.8° and 1.2°. In practical use, the FLIR IR camera automatically calculates the average values of the first ten individuals so that the specifics of room temperature, weather conditions etc. are captured. In this way a norm value is generated. If this norm is exceeded by 1° or more, the alarm is activated.

FLIR offers portable infrared cameras of the FLIR T- and FLIR P-Series as well as the fixed mount cameras of the FLIR A-Series. With these devices, elevated body temperatures can be recognized in a quick and easy way which helps preventing the spread of virus infections like the swine flu A (H1/N1).


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