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Wed, 05.03.2008
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Transport-logistics-group cargo-partner successfully entered Indian Market
With this step cargo-partner solidified its worldwide presence
Offices in India
Offices in India
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Vienna (pts019/05.03.2008/11:30) - The international transport-logistics-group cargo-partner established CARGO PARTNER LOGISTICS INDIA PVT LTD. as an independent subsidiary in the Indian market and thus solidified its world wide presence. Within the first business year 2007, 20 new offices were opened. The world wide operative air and sea freight expert is therefore clearly ahead of schedule in India.

"Our IT potential was especially well received by the market. Believing in the right Indian management was the right thing to do," says Stefan Krauter, cargo-partner's CEO. He is very optimistic for the current business year 2008 and is counting on a further dynamic turnover growth of at least 25 million EUR in India. By the end of 2008 CARGO PARTNER LOGISTICS INDIA PVT LTD. plans to increase the number of offices by a further ten, making a total of 28.

cargo-partner CEO Stefan Krauter sees this expansion in India as a further important and strategically logical step towards closing ranks with the leading air and sea freight providers between continental Europe and Asia. Due to the high level of competency of the corporation, he sees a high potential to acquire several new major customers in India, for example in project business and from the automotive industry. Overall, cargo-partner aims to achieve an above average level of participation in the enormously increasing transport business, both within India, as well as in foreign trade.

The company offers its complete range of services at all Indian offices, from air and sea cargo services, road transportation, ship charter, heavy and specialty cargo transportation, to customs handling and integrated warehouse logistics services.
Stefan Krauter points out that the Indian economy will experience a strong long-term growth, in terms of foreign trade at least in double digits, and until 2030 may well become the third largest national economy in the world.

cargo-partner aims to establish a strong back bone in the Indian market for European corporations. cargo-partner in India was very quickly interlinked to corporation internal organizations in Europe, China and the agent's network in the US.
Stefan Krauter on the medium-term expectations for the future: 'We expect the India-potential to make out approximately one tenth of that of China, however in absolute numbers this would still be huge. Henceforth we are perfectly positioned within these two large markets and as one of the First Movers in India can cover all transport activities, and in particular also the up- and downstream areas.'

cargo-partner group is already represented by 57 offices in 17 European countries with 1.325 employees as well as - among separate Holding - 30 offices with 328 employees in India, China and New York.

cargo-partner Locations in India:
Eastern India: Kolkata (Headoffice), Hyderabad, Haldia
Southern India: Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Tirupur, Tuticorin, Karur
Western India: Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Nava Sheva, Baroda, Aurangabad, Mundra
Northern India: Delhi, Panipat, Ludhiana, Kanpur

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