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Wed, 07.03.2007
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Xendex gains "Icy Tower" licence - Cult Classic Free Game goes Mobile
One of the most popular free games will be available as mobile game
Mobile Icy
Mobile Icy
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Wien (pts006/07.03.2007/09:00) - More than 2 million users have already downloaded the game with the high addiction potential onto their PC from the internet and another 8 million copies were distributed through various print magazines. There are people playing this game on almost every continent. And numbers are still rising. With these facts, it is definitely one of the most popular free games worldwide. The mobile gaming expert Xendex http://www.xendex.com has now managed to get hold of the licence to go mobile from the game's inventor Free Lunch Design in Sweden.

The legendary and absolutely addictive jump and run game with its main hero Harold the Homeboy has brought action onto the servers of Free Lunch Design. The number of daily high score entries on the web from computers all around the world have started to assume alarming proportions. As if that wasn't enough, the licence for the next years has now been handed out to one of the major players in the field of mobile content. Xendex will make sure that Harold will soon also be up to his tricks on millions of mobile phones.

"We are happy to add another top game to our high-class portfolio. I am sure that Icy Tower will also break records as a mobile game. After all, no other game has been this addictive.", stated Michael Haberl, CEO of the Xendex Holding GmbH.

About Xendex

Xendex was founded in 2001 by Michael Haberl. Until now, the firm is 100 percent owned by its management. Since the first year of its existence, the company has been in the black. Today, Xendex has more than 45 employees in Austria in Europe and the United States.

Xendex's product range sports 40 highly popular game titles and more than 25 casino games. Already in 2005, the Xendex team was able to take credit for their game Nate Adams Freestyle Motocross' when O2 UK, one of Europe's largest mobile network operators, called Freestyle Motocross the best mobile game of 2005. In the field of marketing, too, Xendex has managed to build up an impressive range of customers and has already branded games for companies such as A1 Vodafone, Head, Coca-Cola light, Disney, Generali and other prominent firms.

About Free Lunch Design

Free Lunch Design is an independent game developer founded in 1998 by Johan Peitz. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, the company's objective is to develop fun, high quality games with focus on gameplay that can be enjoyed by everyone. During the years Free Lunch Design has produced a multitude of games for the PC platform including the immensely popular Icy Tower with millions of players all around the world. For more information, please visit http://www.freelunchdesign.com .

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E-Mail: claudia.lotter@xendex.com
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