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Thu, 04.01.2007
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Simplicity is everything at
A new international image agency

Zurich (pts009/04.01.2007/10:50) - A new image agency is coming onto the market: It is setting out to pose a challenge to the three biggest players on the worldwide image agency market by providing simple, innovative services which are tailored to meet the needs of creative artists.

"Simplicity is our key marketing value," explains Felix Brunner, Managing Director of the start-up business, which is based in Zurich's Technopark. "Everything is kept simple at There is a single price, with a flat-rate license for use, and images are downloaded as soon as they are bought. The whole process should also be accessible to new customers in less than five minutes." Coupled with this are the company's fresh approach and its discernible love of innovation.

"We feel that an image agency ought to maximize its quality and customer service, not the size of its image archive or of its own business. In addition, many customers see it as advantageous to source their images from a rather more exclusive database." Ultimately, another advantage of is its independence. ImagePoint, the company behind, is an independent business, a Swiss image agency which has been operating in the German-speaking world for five years. It is owned fully by the group of founding partners headed by Felix Brunner.

Each image at costs the same price, USD 170. This figure covers the download and the photographer's rights. The license is comparable to a royalty-free license and, with a few restrictions, permits the customer to use the image repeatedly over an indefinite period of time. "In our opinion, this is the lowest fair price at which a professional photographer would be sufficiently motivated to sell his images with some degree of exclusivity," explains Brunner. The archive currently boasts 300,000 images from 1600 photographers, with around 300 more images being added every day.

As Brunner explains,'s services are aimed primarily at the needs of creative artists. Therefore, the following values are important:
- The respectability of the source
- Sensible keywords for the images
- Individual support, when needed
- Quick, smart search functions, e.g. specially developed research via visual criteria such as color or similarity.

As a start-up, is carefully endeavoring to exploit what it perceives as its rivals' weaknesses on the global image agency market. Simplicity and innovation are values rarely found amongst the large conglomerates with their different brands, inter-dependences and complicated product portfolios., on the other hand, offers a straightforward approach, quick processing and a carefully selected archive. The customer will find what he wants within minutes, get the image material straight away and then be back at his creative work in next to no time. Therefore, has created a concept which can be implemented uncompromisingly only by a new, independent image agency which isn't burdened by baggage.

Facts & figures about

Unique selling proposition (the 7 advantages of
* Fixed price
* Simple license
* Straight from the photographer
* Simple user interface
* Online access to all data
* Release information also available
* Ready to download straight away

Fixed price of USD 170 per image, including the download and license to use the image

License to use the image:
Flat-rate, i.e. repeated use for an indefinite period of time, irrespective of the number of copies made and the purpose. Some restrictions apply:
- images may be used within one company only
- layout must be designed within 6 months of sale

Number of images:
Approx. 300,000; approx. 300 new images every day

Number of photographers:
Approx. 1600, mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

The brand belongs to ImagePoint AG, Zurich. ImagePoint was founded in Switzerland in 2001 and is owned fully by its four founders (contact: Felix Brunner, Managing Director). ImagePoint AG is independent of other image agencies.

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