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Thu, 30.11.2006
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The sexiest community in Switzerland is now operating worldwide
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Zurich (pts045/30.11.2006/13:55) - Because of its huge success in Switzerland the founders of the community-site "" has decided to expand past the swiss borders. The goal: to mimic the sites success internationally. This will be done by attracting locals from participating cities and holding high class parties for exclusive members just like in Switzerland.

The managing director of, Marco Lehmann, explains the aim of the site:

"Our first goal is to make the site known by reaching a certain degree of popularity in selected cities." he says adding, "Then the first event will follow where we will prove that we remain true to our concept of first class parties attended by sexy people."

In order to prepare for the expansion, the German-only site has been translated into two additional languages, English and French. New partners have been approached in foreign countries and selected cities.

From just an idea, to huge success within two years.

Within two years "" has become not only the biggest, but unquestionably the hottest community on the World Wide Web. No other online-community member list boasts a card index similar to that of a modeling agency. Nowhere else do member photos reveal so much of the, let's say, persons physical characteristics. But, most importantly of all, no other website can you get up close and personal with beauty pageant contestants, such as, for example, Mister and Miss Zurich candidates.

The average age of members is 26, making "" the largest social networking site in Europe. To further this point, it is widely known that females tend to be more apprehensive about posting pictures of them selves on the internet. "" does not share this problem with the rest of the cyber world as it has a staggering 59 percent female presence. There is strict privacy inside the member zone. Everybody can sign up, but access to profiles, pictures and other zones of the page are limited to members only.

The decision of who is allowed to join the community is done by the current Members using an online voting system. Only people who meet high standard criteria and sex-appeal are voted in.

The personal Membership card, which allows Members to join the hippest parties in the hottest clubs for free, is only superseded by the fact that becoming a "" member is absolutely free.

The creators of "" have no doubt that with the latest upgrades, excellent reputation, numerous contacts, and all around "sexy" concept, it is only a matter of time until "" reaches the same popularity internationally as it has in Switzerland.

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