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Wed, 22.11.2006
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"Sherlock Holmes" and "The Secret of the Silver Earring"
The master detective now also investigates on our mobiles as of August 2006
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Vienna (pts021/22.11.2006/12:15) - In May 1897, industrial magnate and construction tycoon Sir Melvyn Bromsby suddenly collapses at one of his receptions, a blood-red spot showing beneath his heart. Before the incident, there were rumours that he was going to use the reception to announce major revelations regarding his business empire. Two of the guests carry the prominent names Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson and start their work on the case right away. Why was Bromsby so anxious just before his speech? Is the magnate's young and charming daughter Lavinia just as innocent as she seems to be? Who is the murderer - and what is he trying to hide with this action?

These are the questions that come across to all those who try to follow in the footsteps of the first of all detectives, the snooper par excellence, the master of deductive investigation. The Austrian games development company Xendex http://www.xendex.com has ingeniously transformed the classic PC game for Mobile Game freaks. Within the wink of an eye, the player finds himself in 19th century London. Only using the poor devices Sherlock Holmes himself had back then, but taking advantage of his sharp wit and the help of Dr. Watson, it is possible to solve the case. Nevertheless, users should expect many thrilling hours and should concentrate on asking the right questions.

"Already when we were kids, we literally wolfed down the books about the British master detective", states Xendex 's Georg Holzer (Games Producer). "For this reason, it was a thrilling and especially tempting challenge for the Xendex team to develop the Mobile Game following the dtp/ ANACONDA top adventure game 'Sherlock Holmes - The Secret of the Silver Earring'. Being committed fans of mystery stories ourselves, we set our main goal at preserving the original's fun, thrill and challenging riddles".

About Xendex

Xendex was founded in 2001 by former JoWood chief developer Michael Haberl. Until now, the firm is 100 percent owned by its management. Since the first year of its existence, the company has been in the black. Today, Xendex has more than 45 employees in Austria, Hungary, Poland, Serbia and the United States.

Xendex's product range sports 40 highly popular game titles as well as 15 casino games. Last year, the team was able to take credit for their game 'Nate Adams Freestyle Motocross' when O2 UK, one of Europe's largest mobile network operators, called Freestyle Motocross the best mobile game in 2005. In the field of marketing, too, Xendex has managed to build up an impressive range of customers and has already branded games for companies such as A1 Vodafone, Head, Coca-Cola light, Generali and other prominent firms.

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