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Wed, 18.10.2006
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Sudden Strike now also to enthuse strategy fans on their mobiles
Xendex transforms the PC strategy game classics into a Mobile Game
Sudden Strike
Sudden Strike
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Vienna (pts028/18.10.2006/12:00) - Intransparent smoke and sweltering heat in the streets. Tank wrecks all over the place. There is almost no way to get through. Only a small troop of elite soldiers seems to have no fear. With the support of tanks and fighter planes, the task force advances street by street, not knowing what to expect behind the next row of houses.

That's how thrilling it is when spare time strategists start working on the mobile version of Sudden Strike. Xendex http://www.xendex.com transformed the classic PC game into a mobile game and enthuses the masses. One can only congratulate Xendex on the amazing realization of this unique real-time top strategy game. The player acts as a commander-in-chief of the Germans or the Brites or the Americans and relives the time between 1938-1945. In each campaign, various scenes have to be completed in order to reach the next level.

The graphic display is ingeniously finalized and was created with a true love of detail. One can clearly move people and machines and is able to control all troop movements at any time. In order to complete his goals, the player can dispose of various troops over land, in the water as well as in the air. The tactic possibilities are endless, guaranteeing long-term fun and thrill for users.

The game is controlled mainly via the mobile's joystick and is therefore relatively easy to handle. For fans of Mobile Gaming, Sudden Strike is one of the major strategy classics and should not be missing its place in any collection.

Sudden Strike ME, the PC game's mobile edition, was transformed into a Mobile Game in cooperation with Living Mobile and is marketed internationally by both firms. Today, Living Mobile is a subsidiary company of Disney Mobile ( http://www.livingmobile.net ). Sudden Strike trademark is owned by Fireglow ( http://www.fireglowgames.com ).

About Xendex

Xendex was founded in 2001 by former JoWood chief developer Michael Haberl. Until now, the firm is 100 percent owned by its management. Since the first year of its existence, the company has been in the black. Today, Xendex has more than 45 employees in Austria, Hungary, Poland, Serbia and the United States.

Xendex's product range sports 40 highly popular game titles as well as 15 casino games. Last year, the team was able to take credit for their game 'Nate Adams Freestyle Motocross' when O2 UK, one of Europe's largest mobile network operators, called Freestyle Motocross the best mobile game of 2005. In the field of marketing, too, Xendex has managed to build up an impressive range of customers and has already branded games for companies such as A1 Vodafone, Head, Generali, Coca-Cola light and other prominent firms.

About Fireglow

Fireglow ( http://www.fireglowgames.com ) is a developer and a publisher of PC games. Fireglow developed the hugely popular Sudden Strike, Sudden Strike Forever, Sudden Strike 2, Sudden Strike: Resource War. Fireglow games in development include: Stranger 1, Stranger MMORTS ( http://www.stranger-game.com ), Sudden Strike3:Arms For Victory, Sudden Strike 4 ( http://www.suddenstrike.com )

Contact with Fireglow: contact@fireglowgames.com

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