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Thu, 13.03.2003
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British chiropractors warn of SMS injuries
Quick typing on small keys may cause harm over time

London (pte027/13.03.2003/12:32) - British chiropractors have warned that hastily typing SMS messages on tiny mobile number pads can increase the risk of injury to the hands and fingers.

About 45 million SMS messages are sent in Great Britain each day. About ten million are written in Switzerland and eight million in Austria, while Germans send as many as 80 million a day.

"Repeatedly pressing the tiny keys over a long period of time increases the dangers of sprains and injuries over time," said Mathew Bennett of the British Chiropractic Association , as quoted in the Sun. His colleague Tim Hutchful says developments in mobile phone technology are responsible for the increased risk. As mobile phones get smaller and smaller, the keys are moved closer together. Smaller keys are harder to activate and can therefore cause more strain in the user's hand.

British mobile operater Virgin Mobile has already reacted to the chiropractors' concerns by publishing an exercise routine on its website. The special movements are designed to improve circulation in the hands and fingers, and prevent injuries that can be sustained from rapid SMS-typing. The routine is also designed to help those who spend a lot of time playing computer games.

The exercises can be tried at

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