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Mon, 10.03.2003
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Online databank on acrylamide in food
Broad overview to help speed up solutions

Brussels (pte046/10.03.2003/15:22) - An online databank for research on acrylamide in food has been launched by the EU Commission in cooperation with the European Food Safety Authority .

European research on the problem of high levels of cancer-causing acrylamide in food has been compiled in an attempt to help clarify the dangers of acrylamide for consumers and find ways to lower concentrations of the harmful chemical.

A study by the Swedish National Food Administration published last April drew widespread attention to the problem by showing that certain cooking practices, such as frying at high temperatures, produced high concentrations of the chemical in certain foods. Starchy foods such as potato and cereal products which have been deepfried, roasted or baked at high temperatures have the highest concentrations.

Yet the possible risk to public health remains unclear, and researchers have not yet found a way to alter the food preparation process so as to reduce acrylamide levels.

"It is important for all scientists to have an overview of ongoing research. The databank will provide this," said consumer protection commissioner David Byrne.

Regular research updates will appear on the portal , which covers ten different research areas, including acrylamide concentration in food, acrylamide exposure through nutrition, and possibilities of reducing acrylamide concentrations.

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