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Thu, 13.02.2003
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Mobile payment for LAN hotspots
New system eliminates need for vouchers or credit cards

Luxembourg (pte022/13.02.2003/13:21) - Wireless LAN hotspot users will soon be able to pay for their sessions via mobile phone. A new authentication and payment platform by Luxembourg mobile applications developer Excilan gives mobile phone end-users easy access to any WLAN hotspot by doing away with the need for double SIM cards, user ID and password or PIN identification, as well as any hardware or software.

The end-user is charged according to usage, which also frees the user from having to deal with pre-paid vouchers or coupons with a set time limit.

The payment process begins when the user enters his mobile phone number in a universal login box on the hotspot login page. Using IVR technology, the mobile operator then calls the user in his home language to inform him about the WLAN tariff of that particular hotspot. The user confirms access by pressing the '1' key on the phone, so no password or PIN code is needed.

Excilan's platform further has a legal component, which allows any participating mobile operator to sign a single multilateral roaming agreement with the company and send its end-users to all hotspots available through the platform, without having to negotiate separate bilateral roaming agreements.

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