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Thu, 13.02.2003
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Magic NetTrace tracks down Internet activity
Tialsoft product helps locate e-mail and chat partners

Moscow (pte018/13.02.2003/12:05) - Russian software producer Tialsoft has come out with the final version of its Magic NetTrace program.

The new easy-to-use utility allows users to comfortably gather data on Internet traffic, such as where an e-mail came from, where e-mails are stored on the web and where an ICQ chat partner is really located. It can also help locate the source of spam mail.

To achieve this, the makers of Magic NetTrace combined various functions, such as Ping, Traceroute, Whois and Reverse DNS IP Lookup into one software package. The functions are linked by a single graphical user interface (GUI) in Windows XP type design.

After an initial 20-day free trial, customers are required to pay USD 20 for a licensed version.

According to the makers, Magic NetTrace works on all Windows operating systems, and is Internet Explorer compatible. An Internet Explorer user can supposedly carry out a Whois search with a single mouse-click.

The final 1.07 version is now available, as well as a 1.08 Beta 1 version with a few additional features.

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