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Tue, 28.01.2003
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Austrian managers get lessons in humour
New course in Linz encourages bosses to lighten up

Linz (pte054/28.01.2003/11:34) - Company bosses in Austria will soon be learning how to appreciate the funny side of difficult situations and their staff.

A course in a new method of management called 'Management by Humour' is being devised at the "Academy for Health and Social Competence" in Linz, which belongs to the Association for Prophylactic Health Work (PGA) The course is to start this autumn and preparations are now under way. It offers seven different modules designed to instruct managers in how to get the best from their staff by getting a laugh. It has not yet been announced just how much the participants will have to pay for their lessons in laughter.

Michael Trybek, who runs the course, said humour particularly helps people deal with embarrassing situations in the workplace when they make bad mistakes.

"You shouldn't beat yourself up over things but instead develop the ability to take a step back from it and see the funny side," he said.

Laughter is also a key subject in the Alpine Republic this weekend with a two day laughter congress taking place on 24 and 25 January in the southern Austrian town of Klagenfurt.

Under the motto "laughter for health" experts from all over the globe are meeting to discuss the effects of a good chuckle on a person's state of health and well being.

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