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Tue, 14.01.2003
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Tempelhof airport to be closed
Annual losses of over six million pounds too much

Berlin (pte047/14.01.2003/12:09) - Berlin's Tempelhof airport that was at the heart of efforts to keep West Berlin free when it was sealed off by the Soviets in 1948 is to be closed down after recording annual losses of over six million pounds.

The famous airport was used by the Allies from 1948 to 1949 to airlift much-needed food and supplies into the city of West Berlin when the ground access through Soviet controlled east Germany was cut. Known as the 'Airbridge to Berlin' hundreds of planes were flown into the city on a daily basis after the Soviets cut off all surface traffic in an attempt to control all of the city.

Now head of Berlin-Brandenburg's association of airports, Dieter Johannsen-Roth, has confirmed reports that it is to shut down and said it should be done as quickly as possible. He said the financial situation of the airport would only worsen the longer it stayed open and the association could not afford it. A new airport is planned for the German capital.

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