Aichelin Holding GmbH
Aichelin Holding GmbH
Wolfgang Brosche
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Aichelin develops "Glass Furnace"
More transparency for the maintenance of heat treatment plants
AICHELIN Service, the leading service provider for heat treatment plants, has developed an internet-based customer portal for the ideal maintenance and upkeep of furnaces. The heat treatment experts from Baden-Wuerttemberg thus have transformed every single thermal processing plant into a "glass furnace" and are setting an advanced tone for the entire industry, exemplary also for innovations around Industry 4.0.

NOXMAT to expand to Eastern Europe
2016-07-08, ptp20160708012 Companies/Finance, Products/Innovations
Aichelin Unitherm India at the Top
2016-02-10, ptp20160210021 Companies/Finance, Products/Innovations
Industrial furnace manufacturer BOSIO steps up its business in Western Europe
2015-11-10, ptp20151110013 Companies/Finance, Products/Innovations
Royal Commission for AICHELIN Mödling
2015-06-03, ptp20150603019 Science/Technology, Companies/Finance
Aichelin Group supplies high temperature furnace to China
2014-10-18, ptp20141018003 Companies/Finance, Science/Technology

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