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getAbstract supports education in Ecuador
100 000 licenses for getAbstract online library from 2016 to 2017
The USD 95,000 project "Más Conocimiento" (More Knowledge), approved by the Ecuadorian government in March 2016, provides an answer to one of Ecuador's greatest challenges: improving education at the secondary and university level. The concept of the project is based on getAbstract, the world's largest online library for summaries of business books and articles, video talks, economic reports and classics. Teachers and high-achieving students from the community of Guayaquil received access to getAbstract already in 2016. In 2017, the project was opened up to faculty and students at four public universities, expanding the number of licenses to 100,000. Guayaquil is the first municipality in Ecuador to use getAbstract to deliver high-quality knowledge, while improving its technological infrastructure and increasing online connectivity for the benefit of its citizens.

getAbstract supports education in Ecuador
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