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S&T AG (8 releases)

S&T AG, Linz, Austria (ISIN AT0000A0E9W5, WKN A0X9EJ, http://www.snt.at ) reports that it received declarations constituting the procurement of a total of some 6,6 million of new S&T shares during the period of subscription. This subscription constituted a public offer from S&T AG that was made during the period of acceptance of August 30, 2017 - September 26, 2017 to former shareholders of Kontron AG, who had become those of S&T Deutschland Holding AG, via Small & Mid Cap Investmentbank AG. This offer formed part of the non-cash increase in capital being undertaken for subscription by S&T AG, was for the consignment of consideration to S&T AG, and was based on the authorized prospectus of June 16, 2017, which included Appendix Nr. 1 dated August 21, 2017. [more]

S&T AG: term of subscription for former shareholders of Kontron AG comes to a successful end
2017-09-27, pts20170927032 Science/Technology, Computer/Telecommunications
AGMs of Kontron and S&T Deutschland Holding AG vote for merger with great majorities
2017-06-20, pts20170620036 Computer/Telecommunications, Commerce/Services
S&T AG: very successful conclusion to 2016 - sales should break in 2018 the one billion Euros mark
2017-04-06, pts20170406010 Companies/Finance, Computer/Telecommunications
S&T AG increases profitability and prepares for next surge in growth
2016-11-03, pts20161103009 Computer/Telecommunications, Companies/Finance
S&T AG: growth in HY/2016 according to plans - accelerated growth expected for 2017
2016-08-03, pts20160803003 Computer/Telecommunications, Commerce/Services
S&T AG bond offering period begins on May 13, 2013
2013-05-03, pts20130503019 Computer/Telecommunications, Commerce/Services
Change in management at S&T
2013-04-29, pts20130429013 Computer/Telecommunications, Commerce/Services
S&T focuses on capital structure
2013-04-15, pts20130415008 Computer/Telecommunications, Companies/Finance